ACE Advice Booklets

ACE Advice Booklets are aimed at parents and carers, and the education-related professionals working with them. Our Booklets simplify complex legal and educational procedures, explaining them in a clear concise way. The booklets also provide practical advice and guidance to help parents and carers work with their child's school to address any concerns. 

Our booklets are written by our expert team of advisers, whose knowledge of the law and regular contact with parents forms the basis of our distinctive approach.

How to Download

The My Child in School booklets are only available as PDFs that you must download from the ACE website yourself. You will not receive a booklet in the post or by email. You will need to make a payment using Paypal and then return to the ACE website to complete your download.

Register with ACE

To purchase a booklet you need to Register with ACE. This simply means registering your name and email address and setting yourself a username and password. You will need your username and password to login into the website to access your download or make further purchases.

Download your booklet

After completing your purchase in Paypal, you must click the "Return to ACE Education" link towards the bottom of the paypal screen.  Once Paypal has returned you to the ACE website a link to your purchased download will be displayed and from here you can access your pdf.

If you have any problems with your download or queries about a booklet Email

To get started find the booklet you want to purchase in Download Advice Booklets.