Our Vision, Mission and Values


Our vision is a fair and equitable education system for all.


Our mission is to:

  • Empower parents and carers by providing high quality information and practical advice based on current education law and guidance. Our information and advice will enable parents to get the best outcomes for their child at school.
  • Promote good practice in the education system by providing high quality training and support to a wide range of education professionals. Our expert training will spread good practice that will benefit children, young people and their families.
  • Work for positive changes to education law and policy by listening to the views of parents and professionals and feeding this back to policy makers at the highest level. Our policy work will help to create an equitable education system for all.

Our Values

We believe it is important to be:

  • Independent - our advice, information and training is accurate, independent and impartial.
  • Expert - our advisers and trainers have a detailed understanding of education law, policy and practice and how they impact on children and their families.
  • Collaborative - we work in partnership with others and share our knowledge to help improve the education system for all.
  • Inclusive - we act as partners for all parents and are committed to helping those who are disadvantaged or marginalised.
  • Accessible - we use straightforward language to simplify the complexities of the education system and make it understandable to parents.